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These items are no longer in active production. We will be happy to discuss availability of any legacy product or incorporate specific design aspects into current products upon request.        

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Model 106SUB Submersible Marker Strobe

with pressure cutoff

106SUB submersible marker light

106SUB Submersible Marker Strobe
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        The Brightwaters Model 106SUB is an economical submersible strobe marker light with pressure cutoff. Designed for estuarine and continental shelf applications, it is typically used to assist in the relocation of submerged equipment returning to the surface. The mini case form factor is self-buoyant and self-righting, allowing attachment to moored equipment via a simple tagline. The 106SUB is particularly applicable to pop-up retrieval systems, as the light is small enough to be fitted into many line buckets.

Flash characteristics

        The flash is a white xenon strobe visible for over 2 miles at night. Rate is adjustable, default is one flash every 5 seconds.


        A pressure switch cuts the strobe off at a predetermined depth as the equipment is submerged and restarts the strobe as the equipment rises. Factory default is shutdown at 6 meters increasing, restart at 4 meters decreasing. An external shutdown magnet is included to deactivate the strobe during extended periods on deck. If desired, a photocell can be added to shut the strobe off during daylight.


        External components are PVC, polycarbonate, and 300 series stainless steel. The light is 25 cm (9 ½ in.) in diameter and 28 cm (11 in.) in overall length. Weight in air is 4.5 kg (10 pounds) and buoyancy in water is approximately 1 kg (2 pounds). Depth rating is 200 meters (650 feet).

Battery pack and endurance

        The battery pack is constructed from alkaline "C" cells. One pack is supplied with each light. Replacement packs can be easily made up by the end user (directions included) or ordered from Brightwaters. Endurance of a fresh battery pack is 25-30 hours continuous "on" time at the default flash rate. Battery drain is negligible when the strobe is shut down by pressure, light, or external magnet.

        IMPORTANT NOTE: Use of strobes in certain marine areas is subject to regulation. It is the responsibility of the end user to determine the legality of use of the Model 106SUB in their particular situation. The 106SUB is not certified as a navigational or safety aid.

Downloadable data sheet

Get Acrobat Reader The following data sheet (containing high resolution graphics) can be viewed and printed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Note: use of Version 4 or higher of Acrobat Reader is recommended for best results.

PDF file106SUB submersible marker strobe data sheet (PDF file, 40 kB).

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Model 106 Equipment Marker Light

Model 106S Equipment Marker Strobe

Suggested replacement product: Model 106LED Marker Light

        A low-power self contained light for relocation and marking of drifting instruments. Light is night activated, with 30 day nominal battery life. The standard Model 106 is a steady white filament light, with automatic bulb changeover if the primary bulb burns out. The Model 106S uses a small strobe light for higher visibility.

        For more information on this product, contact Brightwaters.

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