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Model 118 Dual Channel Argos Salinity Buoy

Model 118
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The Brightwaters Model 118 is a moored buoy with two conductivity/temperature (CT) sensors. One sensor is fixed at approximately 1 meter below the water surface, the other can be adjusted from 1.5 to 3.5 meters below the water surface. The buoy functions autonomously, taking sensor readings at a programmed interval and storing the data internally. Sensor readings are stored internally in the buoy in flash EEPROM memory, and are telemetered along with buoy diagnostic data through the Argos satellite telemetry/location system.

The Model 118 encodes sensor data in the Argos PTT message. Data compression allows diagnostic data and up to 14 sets of CT readings to be encoded in three alternating 256 bit error-checked messages. Since the sensor readings are passed in the Argos data message, CT data from anywhere in the world can be monitored from anywhere else in the world with only a few hours delay from real time.

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