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Model 127 Programmable Automatic Water Sampler (PAWS)


The Model 127 PAWS is an oceanographic water sampling system allowing unattended collection of up to a five liter surface water sample in a sampling bag. The PAWS consists of a peristaltic pump and interface circuitry inside a watertight PVC case, a sampling port, and a sample collection bag housed inside a free flooding protective housing. The PAWS is intended for unattended or remote sampling on ships, fixed or drifting buoys, from docks, etc.

Sampling Pump

Built-in peristaltic pump inside watertight PVC case section. Flow rate 0-170 ml/minute.

Pump/Electronics Enclosure

Watertight PVC housing protecting pump and custom interface board. Access through o-ring seal for maintenance such as peristaltic tubing replacement. Pump input and output routed to bulkhead fittings in endcap.

Sample Port

Screened port for sample collection inlet, exact position can be adjusted by end user.

Sample Collection

Designed to accommodate 5 liter sampling bag (Tedlar or Teflon, SKC or equal). Sample bag housed in free-flooding housing section so overall weight does not change during sample collection. Free-flooding section provides physical shield for sample bag, protecting it from external damage.

Power and Command

Four pin underwater connector on 0.6 meter pigtail: power, ground, RxD, TxD.

Command Interface

RS-232. Command set includes pump start, pump stop, set pump rate, read shaft rotation sensor, read internal flooding sensor, read internal temperature/humidity sensor.


12 to 24 volts DC. Maximum power operating ≤12W, standby/shutdown <200 uA.

Dimensions and Construction

Maximum outside diameter of housing 7.5 inches. Maximum length including pump and sampling bag housing 18 inches. External materials appropriate for marine and freshwater deployment: PVC and other plastics, 300 series stainless steel hardware. Easy access for servicing pump, tubing, and sampling bags

Model 127 PDF data sheet (108 KB)

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