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Tattletale 8 Baseboard

Legacy Product

This item is no longer in active production. We will be happy to discuss availability of any legacy product or incorporate specific design aspects into current products upon request.        

(Tattletale is a registered trademark of Onset Computer Corporation)

TT8 baseboard component side

The Tattletale line of micropower datalogger/controllers from Onset Computer Corporation is at the heart of many of Brightwater's products. The Brightwaters Tattletale 8 Baseboard is an expansion board for Onset's most powerful datalogger, the Tattletale Model 8. The TT8 baseboard provides a number of hardware capabilities useful in logging applications:

  • Extended supply voltage range: 7.5 to 28 volts for systems using TT8 baseboard versus 7-15 volts for Model 8 alone. Especially useful for battery operated systems.
  • Watchdog circuit resets Tattletale in case of program crash or lockup.
  • Manual reset button.
  • Main and backup power inputs. Main power allows 1 to 3 sources (battery packs, DC supplies, etc.) to power Tattletale and external hardware, backup power input powers Tattletale only. Your program can use the supply voltage measuring circuits (see below) to sense the main power failure and drop the Tattletale to its lowest power mode. Under these circumstances a 9 volt transistor battery as the backup power can preserve logged data for many months.
Tattletale 8 baseboard solder side

        The Tattletale 8 baseboard is designed to help you get your application up and running quickly and reliably, whether you need a single unit for a research application or OEM quantities. Substantial discounts are available for large quantity purchases, or we will be happy to discuss licensing all or part of the design.

        For more information on this product, contact Brightwaters.

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