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Field Support - anytime

Brightwaters takes pride in providing the highest possible level of customer field support. Research vessel time is expensive and limited. Our customers receive cellular numbers and SMS email addresses that can be used to contact technical support at any time. If you are at or about to go to sea, we are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to do what it takes to keep your research program on track.

Equipment Repair

For equipment repair information, please contact us. If your equipment suffers major damage such as seawater flooding, remove all batteries and contact us immediately for preservation instructions. We have been able to salvage and repair even extensively damaged and flooded equipment for far less than the cost of new instruments, particularly if we have an opportunity to advise at an early stage. If you put the unit on the shelf for three months and then call us, the prognosis is considerably more grim.

Refurbishment Services

We are committed to keeping your equipment running at peak performance. If your instruments have seen a lot of hard use or have been in storage for a couple of years while you were writing up all the results from your last big field project, we offer refurbishment services. For a reasonable fixed fee, Brightwaters will inspect your equipment and notify you with an estimate if major repairs are needed. If no major repairs are needed, we perform any fixes indicated by our field service bulletins, upgrade firmware to our latest revision, do minor repairs, and requalify your equipment using the same tests we use on new equipment.

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